"Oh My Fraud" is an irreverent podcast from CPA/comedian Greg Kyte and blogger/former CPA Caleb Newquist. 

The two come together to unpack their favorite frauds and explore the circumstances, psychology, and interpersonal dynamics involved. They also fully indulge in victim-blaming the defrauded widows, orphans, infirm and feeble-minded because who can resist?  

If you fancy yourself a trusted advisor—or prefer your true crime with spreadsheets instead of corpses—listen to this show to learn what to watch out for to keep your clients, your firm, and even yourself safe.

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There’s No Fraud like Show Business Fraud

In this episode, Caleb and Greg discuss one of the most audacious scams to ever hit Hollywood. Hear how Zach Horowitz fooled investors in to giving him over $650 milli...

"The Fraud Came First” Remembering Crazy Eddie with Gary Weiss

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, one electronics retail chain became a phenomenon thanks to a ubiquitous ad campaign featuring a zany pitchman screaming about INSANE...


Most people who get a regular paycheck probably take the payroll process for granted. So when payroll goes wrong, things get bad. In this episode, Caleb and Greg unpac...

Double, Double OIL and Trouble

Oil and water don’t mix, but oil and fraud seem to. Salad oil, that is. Caleb and Greg revisit a story that many may remember from their college accounting courses: th...

A Plethora of Pandemic PPP Fraud

The Paycheck Protection Program, aka PPP, was the main financial lifeline to small businesses negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Billions of dollars in loan...

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